Write For Us

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in writing articles or you’ve just started. Good material is always worth investing in. We have decided to run a program to absorb guest posts to our Blog. Creating a great opportunity platform for you if you need recognition in the industry.

Who are we?

WatchThemLive helps web platforms increase their conversions by giving them a deeper understanding of what their users go through when using the product in order to deliver a better user experience.

We enable website owners to understand why certain things happen behind the scenes by providing easily digestible data such as specific interactions, cart abandonment, drop-offs, rage clicks, form abandonment, U-turns, bugs, and glitches.


Submitting Your Article Process

  1. Fill out the form at the end of this article. We prefer you to send us some ideas according to our blog content and an outline first. 
  2. In case it is confirmed by our content editorial team, we will reach out to you in a few days (maximum of 3 workdays) and ask you to send us the complete article.
  3. Our editorial team will read your complete, and final draft and let you know if the article needs any major changes.
  4. After final approval from our content editorial team, your post will get a publish date in our content calendar. In our last email, will let you know about the date that your content goes live.

Technical Requirements:


  • Submit your article with Google Documents.
  • The article needs to be somewhere between 1200 – 2000 words.
  • Make sure to use some designs, pictures, and illustrations to make your work stand out. (Please make sure they are made by yourself or are royalty-free)
  • We are looking for organic content and will only publish the submissions that have less than 4% of plagiarism. 
  • Please follow the SEO best practices for your article.


  • We only publish articles that are related to the following niches:
    • Digital Marketing 
    • Ux Design
    • Lead Generation
    • Web Analytics
    • User-Behavior analytics
  • Check if there is already any similar piece of content on our blog. You can use “YourKeyword” to find all the related blog posts.
  • Please don’t include any promotional links. It’s okay to link back to your own website only if it’s related to the topic and is adding value to the readers.
  • Please only target One main keyword
  • WatchThemLive has the right to edit your content, add or remove links at any time in order to update your content for better SEO performances.
  • You can only ask for one link that is leading to your website to be kept safe throughout our updates.

This is a great opportunity for everyone that is looking to have more exposure in this industry and be recognized. Write about what you feel the most connection with. Make it as search engine optimized as possible. Then it’s our turn to make your piece of work shine. 

We are waiting.