How WatchThemLive Stays Dominant Over 66 Analytics

WatchThemLive is a behavior analytics tool designed to track users’ behavior on websites and web apps. It allows businesses to gain a deep and thorough understanding of their users to provide a data-driven experience. 

Recently, some questions were raised about the similarity between WatchThemLive and 66 Analytics. We will address those concerns below and clarify how 66 Analytics compares to WatchThemLive. 

Initially, we licensed 66 Analytics for our MVP as an effective go-to-market strategy. We understand that from the coding perspective, most coders and programmers are under the assumption that products must be coded from scratch. With all respect, this is in stark contrast with an intelligent business decision. 

66 Analytics might have given us an edge on the competition to go to market quickly and smartly and test our marketing/business assumptions with valuable users; however, according to our findings, 66 Analytics is extremely buggy and not made with the best long-lasting technology in the market. Moreover, it has a considerable negative impact on websites’ performance and will lower their speed and efficiency. It also has so many more downsides in terms of its pixel tracker and heatmaps. On the other hand, WatchThemLive has proven to be a better, faster, and stronger alternative to 66 Analytics. 

At WatchThemLive, our team of six smart and hardworking software developers has gone very far to improve many aspects of the platform, including:

  1. The efficiency of the pixel tracker has increased, and we’ve turned it into a socket-based module.
  2. The heatmaps have been improved and are now bug-free.
  3. We are currently in the process of overhauling the tech stack as well as the UX.

In addition to the above, we are transitioning from pure PHP and non-separated MVC to soon launch WatchThemLive V.2 within weeks which is based on Laravel/PHP, React, Kubernetes, elastic search, Docker, and totally architectured on micro-services. There’s no need for users to worry about how and where we host and maintain the product 24/7.

WatchThemLive has been hosted on the best-in-the-market cloud servers and databases (elastic stack) with seamless load balancers, cashing system (to have the least loss of data on video tracking and fast access to data), and 24/7 uptime. We are also using an in-memory DB called Redis.

Our extended team also is extremely proud to be working on turning WatchThemLive into a one-of-a-kind analytics platform in the market for both web and native apps with features listed as follows:

  1. Full integration with Jump Page platforms such as
  2. Live collaboration on UI development among different stakeholders
  3. Native app tracking
  4. Cohort analysis
  5. The ability to be built into your web Live Chat
  6. User segmentation and targeted emailing
  7. On-site announcement/notification integration as well live surveys
  8. A/B testing

A few other features are listed in our roadmap, which you can access via this link

Hopefully, this statement has removed users’ concerns.

Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus Nambakhsh
Cyrus is a serial entrepreneur, product-led-growth expert, a product visionary who launched 7 startups. He has built scalable platforms to help businesses and entrepreneurs. Visit my profile here: ==> For Guest Posts and Links Contact: [email protected]
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