99 Marketing analytics hacks
to grow your business

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In this book we are going to feature 99 digital marketing thought leaders to feature 99 best growth and analytical hacks they have used in their real-life experiences.

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Why Are We Doing This?

Analytical marketing is the combination of using different marketing tactics and methods that take into account data and analytics to measure and understand customers’ behavior to make informed decisions. Growth marketing combined with analytical thinking is growing rapidly, as companies seek to gain an edge over their competitors using methods and tools which leverage data for them in simple terms.

In this eBook, we are going to put together 99 growth tactics and analytical hacks for all types of businesses including eCommerce, small businesses, scalable start-ups, and many more. These tips will help entrepreneurs and business owners learn and execute these marketing tactics and hacks without the need to break their banks or time.

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      What Is WatchThemLive?

      WatchThemLive is a behavior analytics tool that enables you to understand the on-site behavior of users on a deeper level and analyze their engagement. There are many helpful features WatchThemLive provides you with, such as session replay, user tracking, heatmaps, web analytics, goal tracking, and page optimization.


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