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Watch What Went Wrong in Your UX Design!

Spot any glitch in your design early on and offer the best UX design that your visitors will LOVE

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Website Heatmaps

Heatmaps show you which parts of your landing pages are most promissing to convert. Use these hotspots to place your most vital elements.

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  • Watch Users Behavior Over and Over

Session Recording

Spot glitches, pain points, U-turns, and any bugs that visitors face when interacting with your design. See where they stuck and fix them immediately by watching real-time video recording .

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Website Analytics

Our hassle-free analytics includes essential information for UX designers such as Screen Resolutions and types of Browsers to help them optimized their designs for all types of visitors.

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A perfect and free app to optimize UX and user experience. loved how it helped me to fix the funnel on my app which is called I could see broken parts of my app by watching the videos of users and finally fixed all the bugs.

– Michael Shamsi

Our UX team uses WatchThemLive heat maps to collect user behavior data so they can provide a better user experience. This useful information helps the UX team to develop more effective strategies to optimize the user experience.

– Myra Richardson

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By monitoring your designs, never make a mistaka twice

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Turn every visitor to customer by making your UX flawless

Create Consistency

Easily make sure that your design fits every device

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